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  • Woburn, MA
  • 501-1,000 employees
  • 1887
  • Privately Held
  • Design

Monotype Interview Questions: The most important part of preparing for an interview is practice. Knowing what job interview questions you might be asked is essential – that way, you can craft your answers well in advance and feel confident in your responses when the pressure is on.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what interview questions are asked for the Test Engineer and QA for Manual & Automation Positions? Unfortunately, we can’t read minds, but we’ll give you the next best thing: a list of previously asked Monotype interview questions and answers.

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We have also tried to share some of the Selenium Automation Testing Interview Questions. Still, we recommend spending some quality time to get comfortable with what might be asked when you go for the Monotype interview.

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Monotype Interview Questions

Company Name: Monotype
Company Location: Noida, India
Updated on: 10.07.2021

Coding questions on Interview Bit

  • Find the middle node of the linked list
  • Find if a string can be made palindrome by changing only one character and returning 1. If yes, else return 0.
  • Move all zeros in an array of n size to the right side.

Face-to-face on zoom:

  • They asked more about Manual testing.
  • If there are many bugs in the build, what will you do?
  • Will you give an estimation effort? If yes, then what parameters will you consider?
  • Any experience in SQL, DevOps, or Linux?
  • What are all the points you write in the test case? What are the columns in test case documentation?
  • At the time of release, what more responsibilities will you have, and what measures you follow?
  • How frequent will your releases be? Monthly quarterly how it is?
  • What is the release cycle in your company? How frequent is it?
  • What steps do we follow after getting the defect?
  • Explain the solution to attempted questions on Interview Bit.
  • Discussion about alternate solutions.
  • Tell me about the test framework you have worked on.
  • How do we share drivers across the framework?
  • What is the page object and page factory model?

About Monotype Company

Monotype provides the design assets, technology, and expertise that help you create beautiful, authentic, and impactful brands that your customers will engage with and value wherever they experience your brand, now and in the future.

Our fonts and technologies are designed to enable creative expression and give brands a distinct global voice. We’re behind the text you read in newspapers and books, in the apps on your phone, in the websites you browse, on the dashboard you scan, on the goods you buy, and in the games you play. We bring the world’s words to the page and the screen.

We have a library of over 10,000 fonts, the product of the world’s most celebrated and gifted type designers. Our library includes some of the most famous and widely-used fonts, such as the Helvetica®, Univers, and Frutiger typeface families, and new and innovative fonts like Posterama and Masqualero.

I love open-source technologies and am very passionate about software development. I like to share my knowledge with others, especially on technology that's why I have given all the examples as simple as possible to understand for beginners. All the code posted on my blog is developed, compiled, and tested in my development environment. If you find any mistakes or bugs, Please drop an email to, or You can join me on Linkedin.

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