UFT Interview Questions

UFT Interview Questions: HP UFT Interview Questions: Unified Functional Testing (UFT) is a widely used tool for automating software testing processes. It allows testers to create and execute automated tests for various applications, from desktop to web and mobile.

As UFT continues to gain popularity in the software testing industry, the demand for skilled UFT professionals has increased. Employers often use UFT interview questions to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge and proficiency with the tool. These questions can cover various topics, including UFT’s features and functionalities, scripting techniques, debugging, and reporting.

Having a strong understanding of UFT and the ability to answer related interview questions effectively can significantly increase a candidate’s chances of securing a position in the field of software testing.

Here is the List Of UFT Interview Questions from various companies:

ITC Infotech UFT Interview Questions

  • Explain your project.
  • What is the difference b/w the QTP10.0 and 11.0?
  • How to handle dynamic objects in QTP?
  • What is the use of the “preserve” keyword in the vb script?
  • What is a key skill in QTP 11.0?
  • Diff b/w Integration & Regression testing?
  • When will we do regression testing?
  • Diff b/w Action and Function?
  • What is compatibility testing, and when will we do compatibility testing?
  • What is a Compatibility issue?
  • Who will do integration testing, either the tester or the developer?
  • Who is your manager?
  • Where is your office located?

SQS UFT Interview Questions

  • UFT version
  • What is API testing?
  • WAP to extract data from an excel sheet? What are the different ways to extract data from an excel sheet?
  • If UFT does not recognize the combo box and the client says to select the 3rd option from the combo box?
  • How to fill data on the web page after login?
  • Which framework are you using? What is the data-driven framework?
  • What is Action? What is the difference between Action and Function?
  • Type of function and their details?
  • Swapping no’s without a third variable?
  • To remove whitespace from a string?
  • Find the second-highest number from an array.
  • If you wrote a script in UFT, how your team player will access it?
  • Before developing a framework/Scripting, What parameters will you consider?
  • Database connection string?
  • Why does Descriptive programming, Y, not record and play? What is the advantage of Descriptive programming?
  • After the Data Drive framework, what is the main process/scripting to be followed?
  • Swapping number with 3rd variable?
  • How to link UFT with QC?
  • What is ALM? Can we file a defect in it?
  • End to End flow of your UFT automation, If QC is not used in your automation?

Thomson Reuters UFT Interview Questions

  • How to get a list of items from The web list?
  • How to perform mouse right-click operations?
  • How to read data from Datatable?
  • How to load Object repositories and function libraries at runtime?
  • How to get items from the web table?
  • How to get the count of occurrences of a particular string from Datatable?
  • A function that returns a zero-based array?
  • How to connect to the database using QTP?
  • How to active row in Datatable?
  • File extensions?
  • How to close browsers?
  • Diff b/w descriptive and object repository?
  • Components of the framework?
  • Types of object Identification?
  • How to delay QTP?
  • How many actions are created in a new script?
  • How to capture Runtime errors and descriptions?
  • What are the different ways to implement Synchronization?
  • How to convert a string to an integer?
  • How to import data from .xls to dataTable during Runtime?
  • How to read data from the Database?
  • How to get all link names displayed on the Browser?
  • What are the available ordinal identifiers in QTP?
  • How to reverse a specified string without using a StrReverse function?
  • Write the code to determine the difference between two given dates in hours using VB built-in function.
  • Write the difference between Action and Function.
  • Write the difference between F10 and F11 in QTP.
  • How to associate Object Repository and Function Library at Runtime?
Function fnadd(z,b)
End Function

Function fnadd(z,b,o)
End Function

print x
print y
  • Does the following code execute successfully? Give reasons.
Dim a
Const b=20
Dim c
print c
print b

Zensoft UFT Testing Interview Questions

In This Post, we are trying to share a few UFT Interview questions for freshers and experienced testers.

  • What is QTP?
  • How QTP identifies objects?
  • What is a smart identification? How does it work? How base & optional filter communicates?
  • What is the default time for the application? i.e., 30 seconds for web-based and 60 for windows based? the wrong answer I gave
  • Can we write classes in VB? Yes, then what are the limitations?
  • What is a location in the ordinal identifier? With scenario?
  • Rate yourself in UFT and VB out of 5.


This article contains a comprehensive list of the most commonly asked interview questions on UFT on various companies. If you are writing code during the interview, it is crucial to provide comments and demonstrate good programming practices. In preparation for a QTP interview, it is essential to be well-versed in the specific version of QTP being used, as well as the add-ins and other software versions involved in the testing process.

If you have not used QTP in some time, it may take a few hours to refresh your familiarity with the tool. However, having prior knowledge of UFT can be beneficial in answering the interview questions with confidence and accuracy. If you have any queries or doubts, feel free to post them in the comments section below.

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