Game Testing – Factors to Know

There was a time when playing the game was not so popular. But nowadays, when both children and adults prefer to spend time playing games online, in this scenario, we cannot be just dependent on the development of the game application without worrying too much about the quality of the game application.

Seeing the increasing use of games, we need to focus on quality. For this, meant to be Game Testing, we must do rigorous testing and undergo many software development lifecycle processes to develop the game application, such as planning, development, testing, and final delivery.

As far as game development is concerned, it requires skills and experience to design a  game. So, the development of games is not easy and is sometimes challenging, and the same is true for the testing of games. It requires too much attention to test the game, with attention to each detail to be considered while testing a  game.

Also, it is not easy for game testers to ensure that the developed game application does not compromise the quality of the application and is ready for release within a defined timeline.

It is important to note that anyone eager to play the game can make money by testing games. But it is not as easy as it looks for the first time. One must have at least some basic understanding of the game and a strong will to work as a game tester for a very long time with an eye on every detail of the game.

Bigger companies usually have bigger budgets for game development, so there is a good budget for the testing department.

How to Test Games?

For those who are testing professionals or have basic knowledge of testing web applications, it is easier to do game testing as the process is almost similar to web application testing. Given below is the typical game testing process at a very high level:

  • Identification: First, We need to analyze and identify the game rules and their behavior.
  • Functional Testing: As game testers, we need to ensure that all the functionality of the game testing is working as expected.
  • OS and Browser compatibility: It is important to check the OS and browser compatibility for online games. As game testers, we need to verify that all the functionality of the game application is working on all intended browsers and operating systems.
  • Performance Testing: As game testers, we must verify whether the application can sustain the prescribed load.
  • Multi-player Testing: As game testers, we also need to verify that the game is able to handle game functionality for all the players.
  • Reporting:  Issues and bugs found in the game application after game testing are reported to the developers with full descriptions in the prescribed format.
  • Analysis: After the developer fixes the issue, all its impact is analyzed on the application
  • Verification: After the developer fixes the reported bug, the bug needs to be verified by the testers to confirm that it has been fixed and is not having another impact on the application.

Even for non-technical employees, the Game testing industry provides a good opportunity to earn money. If one is interested in playing games and prefers to play the game for a longer time, it may be one of the best choices for them to earn money apart from playing games. However, everything is not as good as it looks. There are some disadvantages of being a game tester, which is mentioned below.

  • In most cases, game testers get lower salaries, especially at the beginning of their career in game testing.
  • Playing games for a very long time makes it monotonous and boring. Also, when it becomes work, and as a tester, we have to ensure that everything is up to the mark, it becomes more of a responsibility than entertainment. Finding errors, reporting, and getting them fixed are also some of the things that need to be taken care of by the game tester.
  • It should not be understood that game testing is just like playing games, as people generally play games for entertainment without thinking much of the bugs that might be present in the game application. However, game testing is very different and needs great attention while testing to ensure the delivery of a quality game application in the release.
  • Game developer companies often get the test audience for free by releasing it to the internet community for testing, addressing the bugs they report, and fixing them before the final release.

Game Testing Checklist

Game Testing has a very unique checklist for carrying out testing activities. This checklist makes the game testing different from testing any other web application or mobile application.

  • Fun Factor Testing: Here, the game has to be tested to ensure the level of entertainment to keep the user engaged in the game. Apart from usability/user experience testing, it is also very important to test whether the game is fun. Mystery, pursuit, and fantasy have to be preserved throughout the game. This testing can be ensured by the experienced game tester who has great insight into game design data analysis at user and group levels. The questions that arise here would be generally:
    • How do you assess whether the game is fun or not?
    • How can you ensure the game engages at all levels (Easy, medium, hard)?
  • Balance Testing: This testing is mainly performed to test the complexity levels of the game. Here, the tester has to assess how the end user responds to the different levels of complexity in the game. It alone requires dedicated effort to test the game, as it must be played for hours.
  • Game Level Testing: Every game level must be tested with great attention and an eye for detail. Graphics at every level should be good, and each level should be passable. Retries in the same session, pausing the game at a level and resuming after some time, quitting the game at the level and returning, re-playing the already passed level, etc., must be tested thoroughly. Here, automation can be helpful in case of actually not playing the level. Again, it’s a different call from game to game.
  • Artificial Intelligence: This is a very challenging and complex part of testing and is applicable when the game allows the system to play as the opponent. The system-controlled opponent must be tested thoroughly so that all the artificial intelligence behavior works correctly according to user input. This is complex because the tester must input all possible actions and analyze each artificial intelligence behavior. The game is complex, and so is artificial intelligence testing.
  • Multiplayer Testing: This is a nightmare while testing the game. When there are multiple players, the game has to behave accordingly as each player inputs the action. Things can go wrong when players in the game world interact with the system-controlled opponent, other players, and the game server. Suppose there are 3 players: Player 1, 2, and the system-controlled opponent. Now assume the level of complexity of the testing, which will involve assessing each and every move.
  • Realism Testing: The game should be tested for realism, i.e., assess whether it feels real while playing the game. Domain knowledge is very much required to understand how to test the game for realism. Suppose you are playing a racing game; you should be aware of the element being played (If it is car racing, you should know the controls, how the car responds to the controls, and what should not at all be present for the car – the car cannot jump in case of obstacles, so such controls should not be present in the game.)
  • Audio Testing: Here, the sound controls game music has to be tested. Game music keeps the user engaged and also helps the user feel realism. It enhances the gameplay. Experts from the media domain can test this extensively with all the aspects involved.
  • Modification API Testing: Many APIs are open; hence, they can be exploited to take an unfair advantage to the gameplay. Testing here requires much out-of-box thinking to assess the scenarios where these APIs can be modified and used.

Keeping all the above unique factors in mind, one can confidently say that game testing requires a lot of concentration, dedication, and knowledge.

Game Testing Platforms

  • PC
  • Consoles
  • Mobile
  • Web / Cloud (Facebook games, HTML5, etc)

Challenges in Game Testing

  • Game testing involves complex database(s), and testing and maintaining this is a huge effort and cost.
  • Each and every minute and dynamic detail has to be documented and analyzed.
  • Reproducing issues is very difficult as the same action does not guarantee the same behavior every time.
  • Game controllers (hardware) and technology (software) must go hand-in-hand.
  • High expectations regarding speed, performance, and capacity. This is very difficult to achieve in complex games.
  • High chances of failure with new hardware
  • Audio, video, and memory often come up with new issues
  • Difficult to ensure Cross-Platform coverage
  • Complex designs and infrastructures

Six Steps To Become a Game Tester

After going through the bright and dark parts of mobile testing, let us understand how to become a game tester in 6 steps, which are given below.

  • The first step is to create a resume that should be attractive and prepared so that it easily catches the eye of the recruiter while sorting because recruiters do not spend so much time on each resume.
  • Find game Testing jobs on the internet and apply for the jobs posted on the job portal, or contact a recruitment agency to apply for the game testing job. Many free websites are available online with information about free game tester jobs.
  • There is no need to be afraid while applying for the game testing job. The most important thing is that while applying for the job, there is no need to be afraid to brag about the number of games and hours worked, even if you have just played the games for a long time just for entertainment.
  • One should not be disappointed if they do not get a call from the recruiter. One should understand that many people in the market are applying for the same job. The only thing that can be done is to be patient, continuously apply for the jobs, enhance the skills to match the requirements, and keep updated as much as possible with little hands-on real-time environment.
  • Many times, recruiters take time to call the job seeker. So, it is important to keep track of the jobs applied.
  • Even if one is working in game testing, he/she should not leave applying for the next jobs to increase salary and have career growth.

Synonyms for Game Tester

Games Tester, Beta Game Tester, Beta Games Tester,  Video Game Tester, Video Games Tester


Overall, we can say that non-technical people interested in the game testing job should try it. They can do it from a very basic level. They can pick a game, play it, write down what is wrong with it as a bug, and post it somewhere on game development forums and communities.

It will not only increase your confidence but also increase your chances of getting the job. Playing games online or “Game testing from home” has become a new trend to earn money, and any non-technical people may try their hand at the Game testing career, which is becoming hot day by day.

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