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AWS Interview Questions: The world of business and organizations is undergoing a significant change. With everything becoming digitized, the introduction of cloud computing platforms has been a major driving force behind this growth. Today, most businesses are using or are planning to use cloud computing for many of their operations, which has led to a massive surge in need for cloud professionals.

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The cloud industry is booming; now is your chance to get involved. With cloud computing platforms like AWS taking the present business scenarios by storm, getting trained and certified in that particular platform can provide you with great career prospects.

If you want to start your AWS career, you need to set up some AWS interviews and ace them. Here are some AWS interview questions and answers to help you with the interview process. This article covers various AWS interview questions ranging from basic AWS interview questions to advanced ones and scenario-based questions too!

AWS Interview Questions

  • What do you know about AWS Region?
  • What are the important components of IAM?
  • What are the important points about AWS IAM?
  • What are the important features of Amazon S3?
  • What is the scale of durability in Amazon S3?
  • What are the Consistency levels supported by Amazon S3?
  • What are the different tiers in Amazon S3 storage?
  • How will you upload a file greater than 100 megabytes in Amazon S3?
  • What happens to an Object when we delete it from Amazon S3?
  • What is the use of Amazon Glacier?
  • Can we disable versioning on a version-enabled bucket in Amazon S3?
  • What are the use cases of Cross Region Replication Amazon S3?
  • Can we do Cross Region replication in Amazon S3 without enabling versioning on a bucket?
  • What are the different types of actions in Object Lifecycle Management in Amazon S3?
  • How do we get higher performance in our application by using Amazon CloudFront?
  • What is the mechanism behind Regional Edge Cache in Amazon CloudFront?
  • What are the benefits of Streaming content?
  • What is Lambda@Edge in AWS?
  • What are the different types of events triggered by Amazon CloudFront?
  • What is Geo Targeting in Amazon CloudFront?
  • What are the main features of Amazon CloudFront?
  • What are the security mechanisms available in Amazon S3?


The list of top AWS technical interview questions is summarized. These questions should provide you with a good foundation in AWS, but you should read more. We have a collection of AWS tutorials to help you learn more about cloud computing services.

There is no shortage of AWS interview questions and answers online. However, to ace, your upcoming interview, be sure to research and go above and beyond just reading a list of answers. AWS is a broad topic, so the interview questions could be anything. The best way to prepare is to understand the subject matter strongly.

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