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Appen Interview Questions: Interviews are a crucial aspect of the hiring process, as they allow employers to get a deeper understanding of a candidate’s Software Testing skills, experience in Manual & Automation testing, Other Various Testing tools like GIT, Maven, Jenkins, and personality of the candidates.

But the Interview questions are the backbone of any job interview. So as a job seeker, it can be challenging to anticipate what questions you may be asked and how to answer them effectively. But we have some good news for you, we have collected and received real-time software testing interview questions from our fellow visitors.

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In this Appen Interview Questions blog post, we’ll cover some of the most challenging and real-time interview questions in the tech industry, especially in Appen company. We’ll try to cover everything from coding challenges to all types of questions so you can be fully prepared for any technical interview.

So whether you’re a software test engineer, automation testing engineer, or manual testing engineer, prepare the below-mentioned interview questions to ace your next technical interview and land your dream job in the tech industry.

We require your love and backing to enhance the usefulness of our platform for our fellow testers. We would greatly appreciate it if you could share your recent interview questions and experiences with us. To do so, don’t hesitate to contact us at and provide details about your interview experience.

Appen Interview Questions

  • Explain your Project framework
  • How will you achieve parallel execution?
  • How you managed the deadlock issue in the parallel environment
  • In testing.xml, what will you give for parallel execution?
  • How will you drive global params from testing.xml
  • How will you upload a file in Selenium?
  • How do you download files in Selenium?
  • How to copy/download to the desired path(Using ChromeOptions)
  • Have you driven data from Excel?
  • Write a program to take a screenshot.
  • Write a program to print the pyramid structure.
  • How to check if a dropdown is a single-select or multi-select dropdown (use isMultiple() method is a select class)
  • How will you extract a value from the web and then use it in another method in another class(using getters and setters)

About Appen

We help our clients enhance their best-in-class products and services worldwide, including search engines, social media platforms, voice recognition systems, sentiment analysis, and eCommerce sites. That wouldn’t be possible without our team of more than 1 million flexible workers. The world of tech is moving fast, and we help our clients meet the ever-changing needs of their customers. We take pride in our diverse, international team and the flexible and full-time opportunities we offer.

Remote work is changing how the world does business, and we’re proud to be pioneers in the movement. If you’re looking for a work-from-home opportunity, join us! At Appen, our team is an international force to be reckoned with. Operating in over 130 countries and working in over 180 languages and dialects, we support the work of some of the world’s top technology companies. With Appen, you’ll get to work on innovative projects and grow your skills – all on your schedule.

Please be aware that Appen recruiters will only reach out to you via official channels (e.g., directly from email addresses or through our recruiters who are noted as such on LinkedIn). If you have suspicions about an interaction, ask for official email communications from We will never ask you to send money to apply for or start a job with us. We will also never send a check in advance. We will never ask you to send personally identifiable information outside our secure job site, Appen Connect. All job applications should be submitted through our Jobs page to the applicable site.

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